Half-day trip: How to get from Taipei’s downtown to Yehliu Geopark (New Taipei)

Estimated visiting time: 0.5 days (You should go early in the morning)

Yehliu Geopark is located in New Taipei City. However, because New Taipei has a vast area, the nearest route will pass Keelung city and back to the northern part of New Taipei City. 

You can get on bus number 1815 or 1815A of Kuo Khuang Motor Company from Taipei Bus Station. The company has its bus boarding station outside the Taipei Bus Station building, in front of East Gate No. 1.

Bus No. 1815 (Taipei Station – Jinshan Youth Activity Center) departs every 10 – 20 minutes and operates from 5:40 – 23:10. Bus number 1815A (Taipei Station – 法鼓山 Dharma Drum Mountain) will depart every 1-2 hours, and the last stop is at Dharma Drum Temple, starting from 9:15 to 18:20.

If you travel by MRT to Taipei Main Station (BL12/R10), please follow the route to exit M2. Kuo Khung Motor bus station is in front of the stairs. You can take the bus immediately and use a paid Easy Card (student card). The cost for a trip is 120 NT (students get a discounted fee).

Travel time from Taipei Bus Station to the bus stop in front of Yehliu Geopark (Yehliu Bus stop) is about 1 hour 20 minutes. Then you have to walk 550 meters to buy tickets before exploring the park. You will pass a fishing port and a temple along the way to the park gate. You can visit them for free.

Geopark Tickets cost 80 NT (Student gets 50% off). You need to present your student card when purchasing and at the entrance.

The areas inside the park can be divided into 3 parts: the entrance gate with geological introduction samples, the main geological site, and the lighthouse. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to visit the whole park. If you don’t go to the lighthouse, 1 hour is enough.

Tourist information:

Notes when visiting Yehliu Geopark:

  • There is a tourist information center near the entrance to the park. You can learn more about the park and get a map.
  • The park is very sunny, and there are few rest areas. Therefore, you should prepare hats, umbrellas, sunscreen, drinking water, and snacks.
  • There are 2 toilets and rest areas. (at the ticket counter and lighthouse stairs))
  • To protect the environment, pay attention to the waste. There is no trash can inside the park. So, please bring them out with you. 
  • Some areas inside the park are fenced. You should follow the regulations to protect yourself and avoid fines.
  • If you have time, you can climb to the lighthouse to enjoy the panorama view of the Pacific Ocean. The way up is not difficult; there are stairs, and they are not steep. However, if you go there in summer, it will be very hot because there is no roof.
  • You can visit the aquarium and see seals and dolphin shows at Yehliu Ocean World (Open 9 am – 5 pm daily). More information: https://www.oceanworld.com.tw/
  • You can combine a visit to the Dharma Drum Mountain Temple (法鼓山), one of the four most influential schools of Buddhism in Taiwan. The temple was built in the Japanese style on the mountain in the shape of a drum. The temple provides training in Buddhism and has a large university. In addition, you can go to eat vegetarian food at the temple. Locate Dharma Drum Mountain Temple: https://goo.gl/maps/CYn8s3oQVrriA4LQA
  • You can check the bus schedule: https://www.taiwanbus.tw/eBUSPage/Query/RouteQuery.aspx

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