Taipei: One-day Trip – Yang Ming Shan Park

Visiting Yangmingshan Volcanic National Park (陽明山)


  • Conquer the highest dormant volcano in Taiwan.
  • Visit the famous flower village

Estimated travel time: One-Day (Starting in the early morning)

Yang Ming Shan is one of the 9 Taiwan National Parks between Taipei and New Taipei City. The National Park is famous for the flower village at the foot of the mountain and the trekking route to the top of the highest dormant volcano in Taiwan. The best time to go there is from spring to the beginning of the summer season because it is not too hot or too rainy. Besides, the National Park area is vast, and there are many trekking routes for you to explore.

How to get from Taipei City Center to Yang Ming Shan

It can be easily reached by bus from the city center to the National Park. The bus runs from 5:45 to 22:00. 

There are 2 main bus stops:

  1. Bus stop opposite MRT City Center Bus Station (MRT Taipei Main Station, Station BL12 or R10) – Exit Y6 

In the waiting area, volunteers will guide you to get on / off the bus. Bus number 260 will take you to Yang Ming Shan. It departs every 15-20 minutes. Travel time is about 50 minutes.

  1. Bus stop at MRT Jiantan station (R15) Exit 1 

You can get on bus number 260 or R5 to Yang Ming Shan. It is about 35 minutes.

The bus will stop in front of the National Park area (the terminal stop). After that, you can travel by taking on shuttle bus 108 and other local buses.

Must-visit attractions in Yang Ming Shan National Park

  1. Conquer the 7-star peak (七星山)

Distance 1.8 km, estimated time: 30 – 60 minutes.

Mount Qixing has a height of 1,120 meters above sea level. If you go up from Xiao You Keng (小油坑) and go down to Leng Shui Keng (冷水坑) (and vice versa), you will have to go through both the Eastern and Southern peaks of the mountains.

You can get on bus number 108 to Xiao You Keng. Around the Visitor Center area towards Xiao You Keng, you can go to the top of the bamboo mountain behind or visit the mountain area with sulfur smoke. The sulfur smell is not too heavy, and you can comfortably take pictures.

We went up from this Xiao You Keng’s side and found it steeper than Leng Shui Keng’s. Along the way, you will see an area with sulfur smoke alternating with reeds and grass. There are always signs on the trails. So, you will never get lost here. 


  • Visitor Center has a small basement shop where you can buy water and food. If you bring some food, please get the garbage back when returning. 
  • On the climbing route, there are almost no covered rest areas. So, you should go in the morning (7:00 – 9:00 am) or afternoon (15:00 – 17:00) to avoid the harsh sun.
  • Peaks are cool and fresh but can sometimes rain. You can bring a raincoat, hat, or umbrella, and it’s best to check the weather forecast before you go.

In the Leng Shui Keng area, you can take pictures with the Jingshan suspension bridge, take a free foot bath or hot spring bath, and visit Qingtiangang grassland (擎天崗大草原) by bus number S15.

  1. Flower Clock and Zhuzihu Flower Village (竹子湖)

From Leng Shui Keng, you can get on bus 108 to stop near Yang Ming Shan bus station (in front of the 7-11 convenience store) and get on buses number S8, S9, 128, 129, or 131 to Flower Clock Garden.

After that, you can take buses S8, S9, 128, 129, or 131 to visit Zhuzihu flower village. This flower village is trendy for viewing Calla Lilies (March-April) and Hydrangea (May-June). You can take pictures in the gardens, but you have to buy some drinks or buy (and pick) flowers.


  • The bus goes one way and only stops at the front of the village, so where you get off, you get on there.
  • The small across the village has many flower shops selling ornamental goods and local restaurants. You can try local food here. 
  • If you come here at noon, you should visit the village before going to the top of the mountain to avoid the harsh sun.
  • There is no direct bus from Zhizihu village to Xiao You Keng or Leng Shui Keng. So, you must get on buses S8, S9, 128, 129, or 131 back to Yang Ming Shan bus station and take bus number 108.

Estimated cost: 175 – 255 NT (Not including food and other expenses)

  • Bus to – from the city center to Yang Ming Shan: 30 NT
  • Bus moving in the national park area: 45 – 75 NT
  • Photography fee in Zhuzihu flower village: 100 – 150 NT

Note: Transportation costs are calculated according to the 15 NT/ticket bus fee. If you are a student, you can get a discount automatically when you pay with your Student Easy Card (iCard).

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